distal humerus medial locking plate

distal humerus medial locking plate

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Distal Humerus Plates provide a stable con-struct for predictable reconstruction of com-plex fractures of the humerus.3.5 mm LCP distal humerus medial locking plateDistal Humerus Plates Technique Guideand the medial plate supports the medial side of the distal humerus.The 3.5 mm LCP distal humerus medial locking plateDistal Humerus Plates Additional Set Required Small Fragment LCP distal humerus medial locking plateInstrument and Implant Set [105.434] or [145.434].Features Eighteen (18) posterolateral and medial plates allow implant placement to address the individual fracture pattern.Plates are precontoured for anatomical fit.

3.5mm Locking Medial Distal Humerus Plates Specification

3.5mm Locking Medial Distal Humerus Plates allow implant placement to address the individual fracture pattern.Plates are precontoured for anatomical fit.Combi holes allow fixation with locking screws in the threaded section for angular stability,and cortex screws in the dynamic compression unit (DCU) section for compression.4.7/5(3)Phone 080 4290 1684Location 20/21,Panchratna Ind.Park Opposite Avdhesh Ind.Hub,Ahmedabad-Indore Highway,Bhavda,-382433PERI-LOC* Periarticular Locked Plating Upper Extremity Features of Distal Humerus Locking Plate Three (3) plate options Lateral,Medial and Posterolateral Low profile plate and screws reduce the potential for soft tissue and tendon irritation Compression-to-recon plate profile transition facilitates additional intraoperative contouring

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plate family.For example,the Distal Humeral Lateral Right Trial (2312-18-200) can be used for either the 7 hole plate or 9 hole plate.To position the trials For the Lateral,Posterior Lateral,and Medial Distal Humerus and Olecranon trials,use the 2.7 mm locking drill guide (2142-07-027) For the Coronoid and Proximal Radius trials,Author Ali Cagdas Yorukoglu,Ahmet Fahir Demirkan,Nihal BukerPublish Year 2018DHL - Distal Humeral Locking PlatesThe Distal Humeral Locking Plates are a proven osteosynthesis system for various fractures of the distal humerus.The special feature of these implants is the free choice of screw placement.The user is able to set any desired screw in any hole either locking or non-locking screw (except sliding hole).The free choice of screw angulation (+/- 15

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+91 - 9825875287; info distal humerus medial locking platebondwellortho ,bondwellortho distal humerus medial locking plategmail; Home; About Us; Products.Orthopedic Implants-Trauma.Bone Locking Plate; Bone PlatesAuthor Tenglong Zhang,Tao Xu,Hong Liang,Lin Lan,Qiang Luo,Dapeng Li,Chun Yan,Anxiong Liu,Yi YuanPublish Year 2019Distal Normograde Intramedullary Pin and Locking Plate Distal normograde insertion of a 3.5 mm IM pin was possible in Greyhound cadaveric humeri at the described location in conjunction with a 3.5 mm LCP with fixed angle,locked screws.A monocortical locking screw was required to avoid interference with the IM pin in 28 of 60 of the 3 proximal screw holes.

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MR-VA Distal Lateral Humeral Locking Plate.LCP Clavicle Hook Plate.LCP Superior Clavicle Plate.Proximal Humeral Plate.LCP Volar Column Distal Radius Plate.LCP straight plate 2.7.LCP Distal Anterolateral Tibial Plate.LCP Low Bend Distal Medial Tibial Plate.Proximal Medial Tibial Plate 3.5.DISTAL MEDIAL HUMERUS LOCKING PLATE 1 Ortimplantdistal medial humerus locking plate 1 01 Overview Fixation of fractures,nonunions,osteotomies and pseudoarthroses of the distal humerus (medial approach),particularly for

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comminuted one.Fixation of distal humerus fractures is typically achieved via a dual plate construct.The PERI-LOC Distal Humerus Plating System offers three anatomically designed plates Medial,Lateral and Posterolateral,that may be configured into 90 distal humerus medial locking plate#186;-90 distal humerus medial locking plate#186; or 180 distal humerus medial locking plate#186; constructs depending on the fracture pattern or surgeon preference.MedialDistal Humerus Plates 2.8 - medartis AGMedial plate with recess to protect the ulnar nerve.Decreasing plate thickness at the plate end.Concave plate.Increased stability at the level of the fracture zone.Oblong hole for pre-fixation (2.8 mm cortical screw) Compression hole.Screw holes for 2.8 mm TriLock locking or

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Distal Medial Humeral Locking Plate Distal Medial Humeral Locking Plate It is recommended to choose a lateral decubitus position.For severe C3 fracture,position the patient fully prone on the operation table if the patient is t.Rest the arm on a padded bar allowing elbow exion of 120 distal humerus medial locking plate#176;.Patient Position 3 4 Surgical Technique STEP 1Distal Medial Humeral Locking Plate,Combined-lock - Lepu Distal Medial Humeral Locking Plate,Combined-lock.Application For fracture of distal medial humerus.Spec.68 mm*3 holes -140mm*9 holes (L,R) Material Titanium.Matching Screw 2.7/3.5 Self-tapping Locking Screw; 3.5 Cortical Screw;

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Screws for Distal Medial Humeral Locking Plate- distal humerus medial locking plate#216; 2.7 mm Locking Self Tapping Screw - distal humerus medial locking plate#216; 3.5 mm DHL - Distal Humeral Locking Plates for various fractures of the distal humerus Locking distal humeral plate available in medial and dorsolateral version.Available Distal medial tibial locking plate for fixation of Distal medial tibial locking plate for fixation of extraarticular distal humeral fractures; an alternative choice for fixation.Yorukoglu AC(1),Demirkan AF(2),Buker N(3).Author information (1)Pamukkale University,Faculty of Medicine,Department of Orthopedics and Traumatology,Pamukkale,Denizli,Turkey.

Distal medial tibial locking plate for fixation of

Jul 01,2018 distal humerus medial locking plate#0183;Eighteen patients (11 men and 7 women; average age of 37.0 distal humerus medial locking plate#177; 17.3 years (range 1873 years)) with a distal humeral extra-articular fracture who were treated with distal tibial medial locking plate were included into the study.The mean follow up time was 36.2 distal humerus medial locking plate#177; 16.7 (1257) months.Elbow Plating System - AcumedThe Acumed Tap-Loc technology is designed to be used only with the Medial and Lateral Distal Humerus Plates to insert locking screws with up to 20 degrees of angulation.Acumed distal humerus medial locking platelbow

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Medial Column Plates The Acumed Medial Column Plates are designed to offer fixation and compression of fractures of the distal humerus by extending down distally,or wrapping around,the medial epicondyle and extending up the condylar ridge.File Size 1MBPage Count 24VariAx Elbow Locking Plate System - Stryker MedEdThe range of distal humeral plates provides the option to treat a fracture based on anatomy,personal preference,and fracture type,and not solely based on the plate design.1 The SmartLock Technology is patented (US 6,322,562; DE 43 43 117) by Professor Dietmar Wolter,Hamburg Germany 180o 90 90o

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Being the most respected organization guided by experienced and knowledgeable professionals,we provide an enormous assortment of Distal Medial Humerus Plate.Our provided plate is used in the treatment of supracondylar fracture.Backed by the strict vigilance of our adroit professionals,the offered plate is manufactured from the best quality raw material and modish technology.File Size 1MBPage Count 48Zimmer distal humerus medial locking platePeriarticular Elbow Locking Plate Systemdistal humeral and proximal ulnar lock-ing plates.Reduce the intra-articular fragments using linear bone clamps or Kirschner wires to temporarily hold the reduction.Use lag screws to secure the intra-ar-ticular fragments as necessary.To help avoid inserting the lag screws where they will interfere with the plate

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VA-LCP Distal Humerus Plates 2.7/3.5 Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes 3 1 Medial Plate The standard medial column plate.2 Medial Plate,with extension The extension buttresses the medial epicondyle and includes an ascending screw that stabilizes the medial column.VA-LCP Distal Humerus Plates The plates offer multiple screw congurations forFile Size 629KBPage Count 16LCP Extra-articular Distal Humerus Plate.TheLCP Extra-articular Distal Humerus Plate Surgical Technique DePuy Synthes13 Select a locking screw with the appropriate length.Insert the locking screw with the appropriate screwdriver shaft (hexagonal or Stardrive recess) mounted on the 1.5 Nm torque limiter (4).Insert the screw

File Size 796KBPage Count 32Locking Distal Humerus Plate (DHLP) Medial Side 2.7 / 3

Locking Distal Humerus Plate (DHLP) Medial Side 2.7 / 3.5mm.Pre-contoured.Angular stable.Used for Intra extra articular fracture of the distal end of the humerus.3.5mm combi holes in diaphyseal part allow use in fractures extending to diaphysis.Return to Main Category.File Size 965KBPage Count 28Locking Plates at Best Price in IndiaOrthopedic Implants Distal Medial Tibial Locking Plate,Thickness: 1,750/Piece Get Quote Orthopedic Olecrenon Locking Plate,Thickness 5-40 Mm,Size 7-10 1,600/ Piece

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The plate is to be positioned on the dorsolateral aspect of the distal humerus,with its distal spoon-shape portion covering the non-articulating part of the capitellum,and with the lateral support reaching over the most protruding tip of the lateral epicondyle,just proximal toLCP Distal Humerus Plates - University of IcelandDistal Humerus Plate,medial,left Art.No.Holes X41.283 3 X41.285 5 X41.287 7 X41.289 9 X41.305 14 LCP Distal Humerus Plates.4 Implants LCP Distal Humerus Plates LCP locking screws X02.214260 LCP Locking Screw 2.7 mm (head LCP 2,4),length 1460 mm,

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Being one of the pre-eminent names in the field,we bring forth Distal Humerus Medial Locking Plate.Sturdily constructed,these lightweight plates allow the creation of a construct that resists angular collapse and works as an effective fracture reduction aid.Locking Plates - LCP Metaphyseal For Distal Medial Humerus Manufacturer of Locking Plates - LCP Metaphyseal For Distal Medial Humerus 3.5mm,LCP METAPHYSEAL 3.5-5.0mm,LC-LCP BROAD 4.5/5.0mm and LCP Clavical Hook Plate 3.5mm offered by Relife Ortho,Ahmedabad,Gujarat.

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Extra-articular Distal Humeral Locking Plate.Also visualized are interfragmentary lag screws just medial to the plate.The radial nerve is seen coursing across the proximal portion of the plate.pick and pituitary are utilized to clean the fracture site.After adequate fracture visualization,reduction clamps areVariAx 2 Elbow Locking Plate SystemPosterior medial plate The distal portion of the plate should extend to the posterior aspect of the medial epicondyle.It should be placed medial to the olecranon fossa so as not to cause impingement with the olecranon.Distal humerus Medial plate Extended medial plate Posterior medial plate Examples Lateral trials Left Right Left or right

[Treatment of distal humerus fracture with unexposed ulnar

Combined with the lateral approach to treat the distal humerus fracture,which has the advantages of short operation time,few trauma,little bleeding,and relia [Treatment of distal humerus fracture with unexposed ulnar nerve medial elbow incision and anatomical locking compression plate]

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